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Re: Brawling with a friend

Don Magee wrote:
..... What I have never seen addressed by people against sport fighting is how traditional training better prepares you for a street fight .....
That is a good question. The good answer is "I don't know."

I have observed from reading Black Belt that if you read it long enough, sooner or later, you see every martial art you can think of backed by someone who claims it works in real life. I also recall many years ago when a girl in the karate class I was in, and yes, it was a traditional karate class, crediting her kata training with getting her out of a sticky situation. (I didn't overhear all the details, just that she "knew" what to do.) Getting into Aikido, if you hunt around through the threads here, you will see the odd testimonial by someone claiming to use their training in real life.

Of course, the people who don't like TMA may respond, "Well, it might work against and untrained fighter ..... " but that qualifier demolishes the idea that MMA mirror reali fights. If it did, then what didn't work in MMA would NEVER work in reality, no exceptions. That there are exceptions means MMA events aren't an accurate predictor of reality. It may be more demanding than many people train for, but it is not quite there.

Other than that, you would have to do scientific surveys of martial artist and what, exactly, training does for them.

..... Sport fighting can reason that they are actually using their technqiues against a person trying to do the same .....
But then the next question is, "Why would you expect someone to try and do the same moves you used?" I once helped out with a woman's self defense class at the school where I started Kali, and they did not teach the women how to deal with someone who squared off with them in a boxing stance and said, "Let's go, bitch!" Instead we worked on, you guessed it, some simple moves for a wrist grab. According to Guro Andy, every self defense system in the world has counters to such grab. What else do you see? I once saw a brawl at a hocky game where where two palyers had grabbed each other's collars and were pummeling each other with their free hands. Oddly enough, Aikido works toward just such grab-and-strike scenarios. In fact, the whole point of a wrist grab is not that the grab is bad, but you want to forestall whatever is coming after it.

Also you have to remember that "on the Street," the other person won't know what you know and you won't know what he knows. So it's unlilely he'll know how to counter you. Furthermore, trained martial artists are rare in our culture. Or as Guro Andy puts it, "Grapplers make it sound like everyone and their uncle is doing Brazillian jiu-jitsu, but I have yet to meet someone at random who can do it." And yes, he is quite skilled in grappling, from both the Filipino Dumog system and things like BJJ and Shoot, which come down from his (and mine) Kali instructor, Guro Kevin Seaman.

So if you want to ask questions about street fighting, I sugges you ask, "What sort of attacks do I really have to worry about?" Is it really someone who is going to try and box you or grapple you? Or something else? Martial arts and self defense are related, but not always the same thing. Asking yourself what that means in the context of MMA would be a good place to start.
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