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Re: Brawling with a friend

I am getting ready to drop some big bucks on Blauer suits and training to integrate my combatives into our CQB and Urban Breach courses. Hehehe

Training for reality is multifaceted. you have to figure out the objectives, strategies, rules of engagement, scenarios, and all that good stuff, then build your training strategy around it.

There is no one methodology that works, that is, you can't just train at full combat speed realistically and call it a day.

We develop "pillars" and then "layer" methodologies. i.e. we fire real bullets at targets, but use simunitions at people. We don't train simunition necessarily with ground fighiting, but train that kind of stuff in the dojo. once you create your training "Map" you have "overlaps" which allow you to safely train and "bridge" the areas to "reality". done properly this is how you develop a training strategy for "real fighting".

Most MMA guys do the same thing to train for MMA fights. You don't jump in the ring and go full force everyday of the week.

Don, your comments are spot on. Aikido is not about making good fighters, but good budoka. While the two may be related in many ways, two different things really. Although I would contend to be a good fighter you need to follow many/most of the tenants of budo. however the inverse is not necessarily true.
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