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Re: Wang Shujin

There are several articles on Wang on this website: Look at the Bagua section,
I studied in a class taught by Wang for several months (it would be pretentious to call myself a student under the circumstances). One half of the class was a set of eight standing exercises - as I recall, one held a pose and then did a minimal rotational movement. His exercises can be found in his book, Bagua Swimming Body Palm on However, the website indicates that the book is "temporarily discontinued in print." After the first half of the class, he taught his version of Chen Pan Ling's t'ai chi. One rainy day, he taught drilling of xingyi, under the eaves of the temple we were practicing.
When I trained, he was very ill, could hardly bend his knees, it was VERY expensive, and I couldn't see the value of what he was teaching. So I discontinued training after a couple of months. Even as an old man, he had enormous power - but he was offering something radically different from what I was interested in then.