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Re: Hips, 3000 Techniques & 16 Variations

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Amir will have more information, but I believe the 16 movements he is speaking of are based on the Korindo founder's own experience, and not on Ueshiba Sensei's art. Some kool Korindo info here:
Good stuff. Thanks Ron.

I should be clear, that the "8 tai sabaki" exercise refers to Korindo, while the "16 variation" movements I am referring to is O-Sensei's explicit count in the joint newspaper interview with Kisshomaru, second Doshu. I have not found any explicit reference to what he meant by this, but what I have worked out seems to fit and may be useful (that remains to be seen) whether he meant it or not. If there is some source to show he meant something else by it, I'd like to find it.


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