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Re: intuition vs. speed

Mechanics is a fundemental concept in aikido. There is a relationship between mechanical efficiency and effort that is stressed in aikido (think of a pulley system used to lift heavy objects as an example of mechanical strength). Greater mechanical efficiency requires less effort. Why use one pulley to lift a heavy load if I could use two? Why not move my feet if I can significantly reduce effort by doing so? For a peaceful bunch, we spend a significant amount of time arguing that using muscle is better than using mechanics. Of course, we also chastize people for having "bad energy"... I digress.

The most common reason for not moving (or "lazy" movement) is bad timing. Timing is a window of opportunity that provides the optimum results for an action. When our brain makes a complex calculation that we cannot explain, we call it "intuition." Intuition is nothing more than a guess that we cannot logically explain, our "gut" feeling. Don't mystify intuition; it is a natural function of your brain.

So how can you develop intuition? Practice. Your body needs to collect information necessary to making better timing judgements and that can only be done by practice.
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