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Re: Poll: How strong of an existence will aikido have in a hundred years?

I think aikido is continuing to evolve. The question is evolving into what. There is a definite issue in my mind with the soke/dokey organizations watering down the art. You can now get a nidan on line-don't know what its worth. You also get the so-called modernizing aspect. Whereby people claim to teach "modern" aikido or something they call "street effective".

The key to perpetuation of the art as we know it is the success those who studied with the founder have in teaching the next generation. If they are able to pass down the "secrets" or "essence" of the art to the next generation, we may see it continue in its present form. There is some intrigue and mystique with the ritual and culture which may wane with time.

I hope it succeeds in maintaining its culture as this to me helps make it aikido.
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