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Re: Poll: How strong of an existence will aikido have in a hundred years?

Maybe in 100 years, humans will have advanced enough to not need any sort of martial art to use in pure self defence. The idea of trying to force through physical violence the subjugation of another, would be seen as anachronistic in the extreme. If the combined intelligence and resources at our disposal are put to good use there is no reason why every child should not be educated, have access to clean water and decent medical provisions. Thereby taking away much of the reason to try and 'take' from the haves to supply the have nots.

I see aikido as a possible integral art to help the movement towards a better future. As has been said above, it is up to us, this generation of aikidoka, to promote our art to the place where it gives the maximum benefit to the greatest number.

Aikido is an 'artform' Art does not die, it may change with the times, and it can be argued whether it changes for good or ill, but it wont go away, it is too important a part of the human condition. We need to express ourselves, no one can or will stop the human spirit from living what it is. Aikido perfectly encapsulates what many of us in the modern world 'are'. We grew up post 'world wars' understanding that violence is not the best way. Aikido provides a whole (mind/body/spirit) practice, that improves the person practicing it, those of us that do, so see and feel the benefits on a daily basis.
We need to spread the benefit beyond the dojo, by being the best we can be, in our own surroundings, in our homes, workplace and community. We need to act like the 'peaceful warriors' that we aspire to be in the dojo. We need to practice enough to be in a position to teach, then, go out and pass on our knowledge to others, in the same way that our teachers taught us.

Great advances in history are often preceeded by someone having 'impossible' goals and making them possible. What is to stop for instance, in 100 years time, aikido teachers, being valued in all schools as an integral part of a child's complete education?

Yes, aikido will be around in 100 years, in may not be exactly the same as it is now, and as Lucy suggests we may be practicing with laser guns, I would look forward to it, but I am 50 now so unless I live to be 150 I won't know.

Over to us.....



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