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Re: Poll: How strong of an existence will aikido have in a hundred years?

Lucy Smith wrote:
In a hundred years, sure. Forever? No.
Jorge is right. In a thousand years, Aikido will be gone, turned into "Aijujikitebukado", which will teach O'Sensei's teaching along with three other masters that thought completely different. Self defense, plus "mortal kicks to the chest", plus the fastest way to draw a laser gun out of your shoe.
Well, OK... maybe not that different, but you get the point, don't you?
OK, then I modify my hypothesis to read:

I optimistically hypothesize that there will always be at least one martial art that values and respects peace, has natural relaxed movements, is practiced in a joyful atmosphere, where people can apply what they learn to areas outside of martial arts. Such a martial art may justifiably be called aikido, even if it is not the original aikido.

A secret of internal strength?:
"Let your weight from the crotch area BE in his hands."
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