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Re: Brawling with a friend

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
.... What used to pass for martial arts, wearing a gi, having a shomen, hanging a japanese or korean flag, and wearing a black belt, throw in a few kiai, kicks, and kata... just doesn't carry the same weight as it used to in the west. People are expecting much more these days.

I think many of the "old timers" have failed to respond to the times, have gotten lazy, and are resting on the laurels of their past, so the new generation comes along and says that those traditional guys and all that tradition gets in the way of "Real Training".
It doesn't? Funny, that describes the dojos I've either trained in or visited; they seem to be happening places. The dojo I've gone to in Cincinnati for seminars is pretty big, and they fill up the mat pretty well; maybe they have tiny regular classes but I doubt it.

Maybe we should remember another saying: "Different strokes for different folks."
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