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Re: Brawling with a friend

Michael Gelum wrote:
Mr did write this... who's opinion? Yours? Professor Tomiki was the first issued menkyo kaiden by Ueshiba....his opinion must not be of too much value, eh? For all the years that Tomiki trained under Ueshiba, I am sure henever discussed or expressed himself as to his ideas of Randori no Kata, must have slipped his mind...what a back-stabbing Uchi-Deshi..bad Tomiki...bad, bad Tomiki...
I admit I don't know very much about Tomiki. The Shambhala Guide to Aikido says he "attemtped to combine Aikido and Judo against the express wishes of Morihei)" (bold face mine). Now, if O Sensei flat out told Tomiki "Don't do that" and he did it anyway, yes, in my opinion, that was disrespectuful. I don't care how long Tomiki studied with O Sensei or how many licenses he earned. Your teacher tells you not to do something and you do it anyway. What would you call that? I don't call it being polite.
Aikiweb...Aikido...Aikijujutsu...not, Jung Fang do-wa-diddy-diddy...
Ahem The phrase you're looking for is "Jun Fan Gung Fu." And if you ever want to look into that art without being booted out of the class, I strongly advise you to get that right and leave the do-wa-diddy-diddy out of it. Just a thought.
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