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Re: landing on my back in forward roll

@ justin

dude that was amazing.... its good to see that you didn't get hurt... gud for you!

@ Mihelle,

hope this helps,

one of my sensei left me these pointers that kinda stuck:

*Remember Oscar Ratti's sketches of the forward roll? > when extending your leading arm, never let your palm face the floor during the roll, this'll put your wrist in danger,

*I let my lead arm guide the roll, this way it feels like a long borad (the ground) walks up my arm, travels to my back... then eventually to my... well my behind, then ends up at the balls of my feet...

*then up you go!

Think of it this way, from your lead arm, or lead shoulder, draw a line through your back, that connects with your... well your behind then straight to the balls of your feet... that line is the path of the floor on your body... or your rotation line....

redundant.. i know... sorry ...
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