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Re: Brawling with a friend

I think it is a sophmoric view that says that you must abandon the old for the new, progressive stuff. Those in the "old" that dismiss the "new" don't know what the appropriate response is to the "new" so they dismiss it as irrelevant or hide behind there "tradition".

Those that don't understand the "old" or traditional dismiss or discredit it many times as archiac, outdated, or "un-alive".

I think it is rare that you can find a teacher that can do both very well. That is, balance traditional, classic training, with all the new paradigms that seem to come about lately.

I think martial arts is simply evolving and maturing in the west as it progresses. Really in the U.S it is what, about 50 years old at best? I don't think it is that the parameters of fighting or training have changed much, but expectations, and maturity, and perspective of those that are studying the arts.

What used to pass for martial arts, wearing a gi, having a shomen, hanging a japanese or korean flag, and wearing a black belt, throw in a few kiai, kicks, and kata... just doesn't carry the same weight as it used to in the west. People are expecting much more these days.

I think many of the "old timers" have failed to respond to the times, have gotten lazy, and are resting on the laurels of their past, so the new generation comes along and says that those traditional guys and all that tradition gets in the way of "Real Training".

If the shoe fits wear it. Again, I default back to what I said a few post ago. "when in Rome...." If you don't want to be in "Rome" then don't go there.
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