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Heaven and Earth throw?

Can someone tell me the official name for this technique?

As the name implies, when uke grabs both of your wrists, you seperate his force with one hand (palm up) moving over his shoulder (heaven), and the other down towards the ground (earth) simutaniously stepping through with your same foot as your earth hand, then extending your heaven hand further, while turning it down to throw them off balance, while following through with the second step.

hehe, While practing a variation where your supposed to really resist it, I wasnt sure the way I was was supposed to do so. Sensei pulled out a couple wooden dagger looking things, "here just do what you would do if these were real", I got it, dont get stabbed! he gently executed the technique on me.....but I think I must have dropped the wrong leg or something....I ended up getting the wooden dagger to the jaw, owch . Practice practice practice!

So, who knows a traditional japanese name for this technique? Or is that it? I remeber reading about a simillar named technique in "Aikido: and the Harmony of Nature"

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