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Re: Brawling with a friend

Don Magee wrote:
I dont belive so (at least I hope people dont think that). Their are posts in this thread that say drastic changes in training methods change the art to the point where it is no longer honorable to call it by the arts name. And that these changes disrespect the founders of the arts and destroy the culture. I wanted to explore the possilibty of tomiki or tohei's aikido destroying aikido .....
I never said Tomiki or Tohei "destroyed" Aikido. Tomiki, however, did go against the founder's wishes. THAT was disrepectful.

Did O Sensei want Aikido to remain unchanged for all time? No. He wanted people to put their own stamp on it. That's why Tomiki and all his contemporaries -- including Shioda and Shirata, among others -- were all different in their approaches from O Sensei and different from each other. That's where I draw the line. If they explicitly tell you "don't do x," don't do it. If it's "you can do anything but x," then there's some wiggle room to explore and experiment once you know enough to know what you're doing. I've seen advanced people -- just on either side of shodan -- trying different things during seminars, but they're advanced students. They have the tools to express themselves, so it must be ok.

I don't know whether the I-method has been banned form Aikido. For all we know, someone in the Aikikai system or one of the other groups is playing around with it. That's there business. But even allowing for change, did O Sensei mean for us to change things indescriminantly, to challenge things just because we can? To do whatever we want and call it Aikido? No, I don't think so. I think there are limits, boundaries. There are things that are important to him at the heart of the enterprise. When you deviate from those things, you've gone over the line and you can't honestly call it Aikido anymore. You would have to call it something else, and that's ok. Nothing wrong with starting your own system. But doing your own thing and calling it someone else's .... no. O Sensei didn't do that, did he? That's why we're debating about Aikido and not Daito Ryu Aikijutusu. When he came up with his own art, he gave it its own name and identity, instead of trying to pass it off as someone else's. The same lesson is true for us today.
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