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Keith R Lee
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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

I'm not sure about everywhere else but at my old dojo (Yoshinkan) we almost always used English. The Japanese would be mentioned as well, but the majority of the class was: "Front strike, 3rd control, #1. Side-strike, side step-in throw. etc." I don't think anyone there was worse for wear.

Learning Japanese does not make the techniques any more holy or special. There is also the potential to be trapped by the "romanticism" of it all (Japanese, dogis, kamiza, bowing, etc) and thinking by having all those things, one is an effective martial artist because of those things and not the proficency of one's technique. Or also the whole "playing samurai" aspect that Ron mentioned that I think manifests itself in many Aikido dojos.

Lastly, as fars as techniques go: "A rose by any other name ..."

Keith Lee
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