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Re: Brawling with a friend

Demetrio Cereijo wrote:
It's the general consensus of the Aikikai about aikido founder's aikido?
I dont belive so (at least I hope people dont think that). Their are posts in this thread that say drastic changes in training methods change the art to the point where it is no longer honorable to call it by the arts name. And that these changes disrespect the founders of the arts and destroy the culture. I wanted to explore the possilibty of tomiki or tohei's aikido destroying aikido. I wanted to explore how these changes effected the aikidoka's perceived vision of the founder's aikido and if people really belive it is all aikido even with such wide viewpoints on how it should be trained and done. These ideas and questions go right to the heart of the question of training methods, culture, honor, respect, and tradition.

- Don
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