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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Brawling with a friend

Miles Calunod wrote:
I think we are of the same opinion on sparring Demetrio.
Not sure about that.

If we agree to use 1 throw and take turns is it sparring?
If we agree you can choose between 2 throws with similar openings in no order and take turns is it sparring?
If we agree to practice a counter and take turns is it sparring?
If we agree to use 2 throws and counter in no particular order and take turns is it sparring?

All those noes are because the "take turns" thing (of course imho). But maybe i don't fully understand you.

At the moment the uke/tori roles are not fully interchangeable without previous notice, it's not "sparring" in my book, it doesn't matter the number of techniques/counters available to the practitioners. What is important is if we are in a spontaneous environment or not.

Let's see if i can explain:

When i practiced TKD (i competed in regional/national events. WTF Olympic style), some of the drills most used for training was:

Guy A trows a number of strikes (lets say 4), any striking combo he wants full speed full force with hitting intent to guy B.
Guy B deals with said combo with any thing he wants/can (evading, blocking, parrying, counter striking...) but allowing guy A to do the 4 attacks. At the very moment guy A finishes his fourth attack, guy B starts his 4 strikes combo.
This is done non stop, full speed, full force for a limited amount of time, lets say 2 minutes.

This is not sparring, this is drilling, and that is because the attacker/defender roles are not interchangeable at any moment, we had to wait for the fourth strike.

Sparring needs spontaneity in the roles, even if the number of techniques available are limited. Think about boxing: jab, cross,hook, uppercut... (there's not a big number of techniques in boxing) all aimed from waist up. It's not the amount of techniques and targets or the intensity of the strikes what makes a boxing sparring session, it's the lack of definition about who is uke/tori what makes it sparring. At the moment these roles are predefined, we're talking about drills, kata, uchikomi.... you name it.

Even if you limit the number of techniques you can throw (meaning your opponent knows that you are going to move in a certain manner) you still have the random element.
Well.... maybe. It sounds like Shodokan tanto randori, i don't have any problem in calling it "sparring" but with the consideration i made before about the attacker/defender role.
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