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Re: Zebra mats over carpet?

Hi all,
We did have Zebra-like mats over carpet, and I did not like it for the same reasons Chuck Clark Sensei is mentioning.
We started out in the new dojo with the mats directly on the (tiled) concrete... but this just does not absorb enough of the falls energy. Last year we put 1-inch soft faom on the concrete (full area) and put on top of that a floating plywood cover. Plus the mats on top of that. The result is that you have a firm and stable stance and no toes/knee problems when moving (our mats are quite hard), but if you fall the floating floor will dent in on a larger area and absorb the energy. You can see the floor moving down a bit when you watch somebody walk by... without a springy feeling. Perfect in my view (although the mats could be a tiny bit softer, but that they will become with the years to come).

Olaf Schubert
Aikido Dojo Rodgau
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