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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Monty Collier wrote:
I was actually asked to leave one Judo school because when the teacher asked me what I thought Judo was (in front of everyone) I told him, "Judo is jacketed wrestling." The teacher said, "You can't mean that! Tell me that is not what you mean!" I told him, "That is exactly what I mean, and that is exactly what Judo is." The teacher said to me, "But, Beetle, don't you think that Judo can teach people to be better moral people? Don't you think Judo has the potential to bring about world peace?" I tell this nut, "Judo teaches a person how to throw, pin, lock, and strangle another person. These techniques have no bearing on whether I steal a car or pay for it. They neither encourage me to support democracy nor anarchy."

Being a master of Judo does not mean you are a good, peaceful, and moral person. One of the best Judo players I know loves to hang out at strip joints, get drunk, start fights, whip the bouncers when they come to stop the fights, and is often having to be bailed out of jail the next day. He will then go teach his kid's class about how Judo gives the moral strength to do the right thing. He knows that such moral claims attracts more students, and more students mean more money, and more booze, strippers, .....

Red Beetle
hey man,

maybe you should talk to that judo friend of yours before he ends up kiling himself or somebody else. just my 3 cents.

not sure if you've said anything about this yet but i didn't go thru all the threads for this topic. too many, you americans sure like to talk, and talk, and talk....

btw, im religous (christian) but not a spiritual person, yet.
good to have you around sometimes, though you got a lot of "hot air", might get a bit quiet without you. you know how it is with us aikidoist. cheers!

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