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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Don Magee wrote:
I do recall being forced to learn and use japanese in my training. I was forced in judo and in aikido. Sure I could call it a hip toss, but I better know its called O goshi when I test or I'm not going to pass .....
Sorry, but that doesn't meet the threshold of "forced" to me.

That requirement is just stupid in my opinion. It adds nothing and helps no one. Its called a hip toss, I learned in in wrestling, I learned it in judo, I learned it in bjj. Its a hip toss. I dont care if you call it monkey throws the log, its still a hip toss. Its not the terms that bother me, its being forced to use that and being told I'm disrespectfull and ruining the system and not learning aikido or judo when I dont use a japaneese word that I have the problem with.
[Yoda] Hear you nothing that I say?[/Yoda] One more time: A martial art is intertwined with the culture of its country of origin. They are not separate. So when you don't use the Japanese/Chinese/Thai/Korean/Whatever terms, you have lost something.

Good luck ordering meat and cheese covered by tomato sauce, BTW.
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