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Re: Zebra mats over carpet?

We use the Zebra mats placed directly over "contract carpeting" (it was in place when we moved into the space). There is no padding under the carpet, it is glued directly to the concrete. Our mats have a wooden border bolted to the floor holding them in. The surface is just fine for rolling and break falls, no extra padding is needed.
We did have a problem after a few months with the mats over the carpet though. The mats tend to compact together after a while. The rubberized non-slip surface on the underside of the mats grip the carpet so strongly that the mats cannot uncompress. This caused gaps to develop over time, especially between the mats and the wood frame. The problem was solved by taking up the mats and taping thick black plastic down creating a slicker surface. The mats can now expand and contract as needed, solving the issue.
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