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Re: landing on my back in forward roll

Michelle Heer wrote:
Justin, I loved your story. As for my ukemi I wish it were better. I know I'm improving and I also know I think too much. I love aikido but when I struggle with ukemi it makes me dought my abilities to learn this art. It's amazing to me you all don't even need to see me to know exactly what I'm doing wrong.
That's because you're not the first person to have this problem we've come across.

I know this is a different subject but, I'm also having trouble coming up to standing from the rolling back exercise. I'm wondering if the fact I have a very straight back makes it harder.
Aha! It's probably not a different subject...I bet it's what makes you easily straighten out of a roll and flop onto your back.

I'll second the suggestion to do the rolling back exerise at home, but don't try to stand up from it, just rock back and forth on your back from sitting (not straight on your spine, down one side and back the other) and keep your back well rounded. You can do this in front of the telly you know.

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