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Re: Strengthening an injured shoulder

First, you're on the right track with getting medical advice from a qualified practitioner, which I am not. Have it checked and barring things like a poorly healed labrum tear (Bankart's Lesion), a physical therapist should be able to help you.

I would wait until you've been checked out before you start hitting it hard, you may end up re-injuring yourself (I've done this and it's no fun).

More than likely you'll be put on a program to strengthen the rotator cuff (a group of muscles which help hold the ball in the socket and provide the necessary motions needed within the joint during shoulder movement). Also look to your posture. If you carry yourself with a slouched back and shoulders forward you can get a lot of tightness in the front of the shoulder and weakness at the back which can make rehabilitating the shoulder difficult.
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