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Re: Brawling with a friend

Don Magee wrote:
Now lets grab a sample of competition judo black belts. I would say you will find them all of similar skill. Sure they will each have their favorite throws they use and their own strategys. But I would be willing to bet the majority of them would destroy me without any effort. This is because they have actual experiance in how people react to what they are trying to do.
I agree with the spirit of a lot of what you said in your post.

Regarding the specific paragraph above however, I didn't start training to be prepared to fight against trained martial artists in real life self defense situations. In fact, that situation is too improbable of an occurance to devote resources to it (IMO of course). If Muay Thai practicioners or Judoka start coming after people for hand to hand combat, I'll regret my choice.

I realize that some see that as an admission of training for the lowest common denomenator, but I understand it as applying fixed resources towards the most realistic common denomenator.

I'm also not really concerned with Martial art X being "better" than Martial art Y. In fact, the whole idea of winning and losing is lost on me, which is one of the reasons I chose aikido as a good fit in the first place.

Plus no one wants to see me wear speedos, so how could I do cage fights?

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