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Re: landing on my back in forward roll

Michelle Heer wrote:
Just think of how great I'll be at horsebackriding if I can learn to go with the movements of Aikido. Thanks again, Michelle
I got a story.

A few months ago a lot of us from work we went out on a relaxing horseback ride in the country. My horse was fine for about half an hour, politely following the other horses and a nice walk, alternating with some brief and fast trots, and a few cantors(sp?).

All of a sudden, the horse dipped its head and started bucking violently. All I heard was "Hold on Justin! Hold on! Until I say it is OK to let go!" from the head stable guy.
(later on he tells me, since he was behind me, that he saw a bunch of bees and thinks that spooked the horse)

The horse bucked up and down, and of course spun in a circle at the same time. This lasted for about 15 seconds. I was just about to be forced to let go since I could not physically hold on any longer when the guy told me it was safe (ie. I wouldn't get trampled by this horse or the ones now exciting and running behind me) to let go. I did, and somehow landed on my feet.

The best part was that a lot of people from work saw it, and I did not scream like a little girl.

I wish I had practiced aikido then! It might have been a lot less scary and would have been easier to relax I'd imagine and take a fall if it came to that.

A secret of internal strength?:
"Let your weight from the crotch area BE in his hands."
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