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Re: Brawling with a friend

Justin Smith wrote:
I have no personal empirical evidence that if I crash my car I will get injured, but I understand based on physics and experiences of others what will happen if I crash my car.
And i don't have empirical evidence that if i play this as only training tool i'll became the next Schumacher.
Are martial artists that practice with wooden swords really unable to *really* get it because they don't practice with live swords full contact? I don't believe so.
Train with a bokken and then try the tameshigiri with shinken. Tell us the results.
To play devil's advocate, one could also say that MMA folk are in "hypothetical situations" since they typically fight with dozens of rules and in a padded environment. Fighting with high levels of resistance and contact doesn't change that.
There is "hypothetical situations" and "hypohetical situations". Training under high levels of resistance and contact is a very different "hypothetical situation" from training withouth resistence and contact.

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