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Re: Poll: Does aikido contain any philosophical principles not present in any other budo?

What I consider aikido is much different that what many people here talk about.
- Mary Eastland.

Very provocative statement Mary; hope we hear more from you.


I voted 'yes'. I did so based on my experience, not (a lot of) intellectual research. I've studied Judo, Jujitsu, and Aikido. All Japanese martial arts.

What I experienced was a vague civic minded 'be a better person' from Judo. I got - 'live through battles' from Jujitsu. From Aikido I get - 'You have issues, meet yourself on the mat, forgive, heal, share with others'.

Obviously this doesn't mean it wasn't in the other martial arts, objectively speaking - and to discredit myself further, I'll add that it may just be that I've grown up and can now hear what the Kami offer.

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