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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

If thats the case, why leave the house at all.
Well, because it would be unhealthy. I'm not saying assume everyone has a knife, I'm just saying don't assume any individual doesn't.

I'm going to assume the majority of the people out in the world are not out to kill me. In fact, i'm going to assume that most people verbally abusing me are not looking to fight, but rather to feel better about themselves.
I think these are certainly reasonable, but I won't assume any given person is of the majority in these cases. I'm not saying to assume anything. I'm saying the opposite in fact: assume nothing. One doesn't have to make an assumption to make a choice in action.

I"m going to assue that if someone wants to rob me, they are not looking to kill me, but looking for my wallet. I'm going to assume that if someone wants to kill me, I wont even know it until he trys.
The latter seems reasonable to me, the former doesn't. In my old apartment building, a man was killed over $5.00 as he entered through the security door at night. I'll try to assume nothing about anyone.

If you want to practice knife defense, give everyone in your dojo a marker and tell them sometime in the next year to try to stab you. Thats knife defense. could be like the Pink Panther, where someone jumps out at you at any moment. Then again, I'm speaking about people who aren't your closest friends. For a situation where you see the guy coming, a soft tanto work nice.
I don't think one should assume they'll get cut and act accordingly.

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