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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Dieter Haffner wrote:
Some people waste their time watching television.
Some people waste their time collecting stamps.
Some people waste their time practicing aikido.
Some people waste their time playing football.
Some people waste their time reading this board.

As long as we have fun.
for those of you below 18 years of age, please seek consent of adult supervison before reading.

Man, more than that. gotta say something - I took aikido abt a month back, been slacking for the past few years. couldn't even handle the first 10 mins of the warm-up. improved a bit since then and I don't know if it's the aikido or the physical aikido exercises or that i'm a bit more relaxed nowadays with my partner but the quality of my sex life has been going great guns. i love staying centered when i'm doing it (sorry if i sound naughty saying it but it's true!), especially at the "end". umm-mmmmm....

sorry if the sexual nature of my message offended anyone but i'm feel a bit more alive and am finding new ways to apply aikido "beyond the dojo". just curious cause there's not a lot of "sex" in aikido articles but i really think aikido helps (heaps!). i love this art(its martial side, physical and philosophical side as well). can't wait for my classes tomorrow. later...

p-s wonder if the aikido historians among you would know if o-sensei had a particular stand on sex?
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