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Re: Off topic, but...

Axiom wrote:
What does the term shugyo mean? Probably something really simple, but it keeps getting used in this discussion, and would be interesting to know exactly what it means.

Thanks for bearing would yet another of my offtopic questions
Alex Magidow
Month 4, and just as hooked on this art...
The term shugyo means pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training and discipline, etc. It is, I believe, a shortened version of the term "shugyosha" which means practitioner of (Buddhist) austerities. However, I have also herd the word shugyosha used to refer to someone who is a serious student of the way of the sword. The addition of "sha" at the end of the term is the reading for a character that simply means person. I suppose that it can be applied to students of other martial arts as well, but I don't know for sure.
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