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Michael Hackett
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Saving a Tinted Gi

Have you ever found that you accidently washed a bright red sock with your sparkling while dogi? That's exactly what happened to me this morning and I ended up with a beautiful pink gi. Bleach and vinegar had no effect and I fully expected to be buying two new gi.

My wife knew of a product that actually worked! Rit brand Color Remover is a powdered product that you can throw into the wash with the tinted garment and it will actually make it bright white again. I don't know if it is available outside the United States. She bought it at one of the big chain drug stores here locally. At less than $ 4.00, it was a lot cheaper than replacing the two gi.

Since I'm sure that I'm not the only one stupid enough to do this, I thought it might prove helpful to someone else.

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