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Re: Spirituality

Jeff Miller wrote:

"In my understanding of musubi, or aiki for that matter, these concepts describe aspects of the relationship between two conscious, alive, energetic systems. They do not apply to opening the mail box or lifting rocks or pulling stumps, the actions of which can be adequately described using motor learning terms like "the summation of forces" etc."

would osensei agree with this? in my reading, it seems he believed everything was, in some sense, alive / imbued with energy. in saotome-sensei's story about osensei moving the marble step, it seems like he certainly used aiki / musubi to move it. or did i miss the point?
It would be my understanding that feats such as lifting marble steps, breaking the mochi pounding bowl, etc would have to do with kokyu power. This is "internal power" and is not the same thing as aiki and musubi.

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