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Re: Spirituality

Fred Little wrote:
Hi George,

I wouldn't dare to speak for Erick, but I've found that if I have the key to my post office box lined up on all axes before it makes physical contact with the lock, the mailbox opens much more easily than if I don't.

My attention certainly has something to do with that, but unlike a human partner, when working with a lock and key, it's comparatively easy to isolate the physical principle from any notions about some sort of higher order response to my attention, intention, contention, etc.

Of course, when I open the mailbox, the only thing I generally find is bills that need paying and junk mail, much of which seems to relate to products intended to enhance my spiritual development.



Fred Little
Hi Fred,
In my understanding of musubi, or aiki for that matter, these concepts describe aspects of the relationship between two conscious, alive, energetic systems. They do not apply to opening the mail box or lifting rocks or pulling stumps, the actions of which can be adequately described using motor learning terms like "the summation of forces" etc.

It is true that the mailbox lock has a set of built in parameters that determine whether it opens or not. But the mail box is completely unaffected by changes in mindset, emotion, intention, etc. The difference is that a human being is conscious and is
directly effected by these things. Aiki is the use of the partner's perceptual sensory system to move his mind and thereby get him to move his body. Musubi is the connection that is required to accomplish this.

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