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Re: Spirituality

George S. Ledyard wrote:
If I am understanding you properly, you are saying that musubi exists at the point in time and space at which physical contact takes place. Is that what is being said here?
Musubi in my understanding exists at any time when a sensible communication exists between one being and another being. The mode of communication is not important -- physical, visual, aural, emotional, or even pre-conscious.

Musubi is more subtle than "send a message." More like an open channel. An unrealized potential energy. The best iriminage never touches uke, and kiai can break a vulnerable attack before it is launched or landed.
George S. Ledyard wrote:
It would be my belief that musubi pre-exists the instant of physical contact. ... When physical contact is made, the musubi manifests as katsu hayabi or instant victory. In other words one has the partner's center at the instant of contact. ... If the musubi exists before physical contact, on a psychic level, it would be impossible for the partner / opponent to move separately from the nage.
We do not disagree at all. Katsu hayabi to me seems like the lightning cascade that collapses the conduit path between segregated positive and negative charge potential once their mutual movement becomes slightly out of harmony.

Musubi is not a matter of conscious intent but it is a matter of will, however, and does not occur on its own. i.e. -- bumping accidentally into someone in the hallway does not create musubi unless I have trained to accept that commmunication and to make it musubi. Put another way, two inanimate objects colliding do create musubi. Two live attentive beings, connecting with one another do create musubi.

Too many people do live their lives colliding like billiard balls.

Predictable, dead, and very, very sad.

Erick Mead

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