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Re: Bokken - from the spine or not?

David Evans wrote:
When cutting with the bokken (ichi no suburi, ni no suburi etc), do you raise the weapon so that it runs down your spine or do you prefer to cut from a position that is more perpendicular to the spine?

If you respond, could you say why, as there seems to be some contention over this point.


You do realize the correct answer is neither? On top of this you never specified the stance?

However you are more than likely talking about "jodan no kamae."

Well in this position, the bokken is at an angle. It really depends on your school, some say about 30 degrees, most say 45 degrees, but rarely past 45 unless they are also doing some other sword school, and that is more for the purpose of hiding the length of the sword or a low crouching block in some kata ("hiding under a shelf")

The majority of the time people who say 45 say it out of convenience or common geometric thinking rather than actual purpose but that is not to discredit all of them.

I myself prefer between 30-45 degrees (still working out the angle with practice) but like I said it depends on the school.
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