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Matthew Bowen wrote:
I looked up information on a wide variety of martial arts on the Internet in an attempt to find a new hobby that would be a benefit to me. I did not want training in a violent or competition-orientated art because I felt that competition would sway me from my personal goals, and that unrequired violence would interfere with the ethics that I live by, so the logical choice was Aikido.

I did some more research and found a dojo near my home and I started training. I was (and probably still am, but to a lesser degree) a fairly shy individual, but Aikido is rapidly helping me with confidence and other attributes of my life. The people at the club, especially the Sensei, were all very nice people and made me feel very welcome.

The Fates really have conspired in my favor. I now, by a complete twist of fate, live opposite my Sensei's home and I catch a lift in his car to each session.

Aikido has had such a positive impact on my life, and in the process of trying to finding a fun hobby, I've opened up the doorway to a whole realm I had no idea existed.
This is also my story aswell, pretty funny reading something written by someone else who shares your first name and has a very similar experience. (all except living across the road from sensei )
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