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Re: Poll: Does aikido contain any physical principles not present in any other budo?

Jonathan Han wrote:
I respectfully disagree. I've been studying bagua (a Chinese internal martial art). It is all about turning and circles, both external and internal. I think Aikido could incorporate a few turning tricks that works better and saves our knees from potential damage. I don't think Aikido contains physical principles not present in other martial arts. Nor does it lack anything present in other martial arts (at least the arts I've been exposed to). But since the question said "budo" are we limiting the comparison to just a few Japanese styles?
bro jonathan,

i'm chinese but have never studied bagua. Wonder if you could explain or describe the turning techniques that you have mentioned. Im a newbie and was wondering if "old" aikido practitioners end up with "wobbly" knees or something like that bcos i keep reading about damage to knees. thanks in advance.

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