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Re: Kamiza and Shomen Pics

John Boswell wrote:
I am (unfortunatly) not a student at this dojo, but I love their shomen so much, I have to make a mention of it:

Aikido of Tamalpais (Wendy Palmer and George Leonard, Senseis)

VERY awsome shomen and was my "inspiration" for suggesting to Sensei Riggs that Aikido of Midland base the shomen around one of the windows. Due to the layout of the room, it worked out perfectly and, hopefully, we may one day have a stained glass kanji to go in the window as well. REALLY looking forward to seeing if that happens.

Kudos to Aikido of Tamalpais! They have an excellent shomen, in an excellent dojo with some of the best instructors in the United States.
I particularly like the image of "ai" embedded in the center.

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