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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Spirituality

Hi Peter.

I did not mean to suggest that aikido couldn't be used in that certainly has been in the past, as proven by your historical reference.

I really meant to suggest that *I* personally wouldn't buy it. The Yoshinkan has been known in the past (maybe the present) to have some rather right wing supporters. I like the style of aikido...but I don't buy into the ideology of all of it's supporters. Similarly, I like the idea of world peace and harmony, but when people try to achieve that by using sarin gas, I stop short, whether or not they also practice aikido. Reminds me of a nut in California not too long ago who supposedly taught aikido, but ended up killing several people.

I guess this would be a good segway into a discussion on Expedient Means?

Ron (people use all sorts of things for all sorts of things, don't they? Really amazes me sometimes...)

Ron Tisdale
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