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Re: Brawling with a friend

Demetrio Cereijo wrote:
BTW, you can have a longsword, but aikiotoshi the bad guy:
Hello demetrio
You are preaching to the choir.
I find that there is lots of technical similitude between aikido and medieval wrestling. (hence if needed be more to convince me that aikido works. That fencing tradition was used in judicial duels, where the looser, if not killed outright was executed by very unpleasant mean. As mister Wallace points out in pulp fiction)

Meyer is a fencing master that at lest two treatise one in 1475 and the other in 1600
His coming from a older tradition. The original fencing master was Johaness lichtanauer. The first written mention of him is in a 1380-90 document.
Johaness lichtanauer wrote in mnemonic verses about longsword, wrestling with and without armour on foot and on horse. A fair amount of the fencing manuscript we have from germany in the 15th century explains those verses.

For those interested, here is a quick and dirty translation of the text. (My 15th century german is better, well less worse, that my 16th…so sorry in advance to any Germans...)

Yet a wrestling at the body
??? he runs at you and has his arms and you also, so hold the sword in the right hand and strike move his across from you with that. Step with the left foot behind his right and grab his left side with your left arm under and across his breast and tie/take him on you left hip and throw him behind you. This technique can be done either side.

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