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Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
I have no idea. Is this relevant?
From Wikipedia,
"The name "Aum Shinkokyu" (Japanese: オウム真理教 Om Heinrikō) derives from the Hindu syllable Aum (which represents the universe), followed by the three kanji characters shin ("truth," "reality," "Buddhist sect"), RI ("reason," "justice," "truth"), and KYō ("teaching," "faith," "doctrine"). In 2000, the organization changed its name to "Aleph" (the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet), changing its logo as well.
Aum attempted to borrow scriptural authority for its doctrines by claiming they were based on the ancient Buddhist scriptures included in the Pail Canon of Theravada Buddhism. Aim/Aleph also borrowed and reinterpreted other religious texts, including a number of Tibetan Buddhist straws, some Hindu yogi straws, and Taoist scriptures."

An example of a group of people trying to find a religion/philosophy to justify "their avowed mission to promote world peace and harmony" with violence. The religions these people are using all have built in ethical componets that does not stop them from using them the way they want to.
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