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Re: aikido and competition

Ron , I stumbled on this thread in a google adventure.
I guess the aikido cyber world has a centre too. It appears to be aikiweb (in the context that in the cyber world this place seems to be central, thats all). I have a different approach now. I need not explain my approach, but lets say I have learned from all these ppl here (maybe you are one of them) I can`t remember but more importantly I don`t care.
I like to view the verbal exchange, I like to see the knowledge of the MASTERS here. There is a lot of valid discussion here but, personally I don`t like a lot of the opinions and lectures that have no substance. I have been belittled by ppl for bad grammar (not pertaining to aikido at all), I have seen lack of respect toward posters and other stuff I don`t care to type.
Basically I will Join this community and now take it with a grain of salt, I know who is worthy of respect and I know who is trying to make a name for themselves through blatant assertiveness! (check the grammar and bag me at your will).
Still I say good luck.

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