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Re: Spirituality

Ron Tisdale wrote:
With liberal applications of sarin gas along the way? Hmmm, right.

Ron (hope you are well Peter)
Hello Ron,

Remember that the young 'sakurai' officers used to meet in the Kobukan Hombu and plan assassinations, and that Nadolski's Ph.D. thesis suggests that Morihei Ueshiba's Omoto-kyou's beliefs allowed him to be the bodyguard of a highly right-wing officer, whom I belive was executed for war crimes.

I have the feeling that you guys believe that there is a built-in ethical component to aikido that prevents aikido from being used in any context except that of peace and harmony, as a westerner would understand this. I disagree completely.

To be blunt, yes, I think that Aum Shinrikyou members could well use aikido in support of their aims.


P A Goldsbury
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