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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Brawling with a friend

Philippe Willaume wrote:
Denmetrio, I can disagree with what you say
But if you take away techniques, it is a bit like fencing with a long sword and say that you are not cutting because it is too dangerous, in that case you are really doing mid period rapier or small sword but not really longsword anymore.
Of course you can disagree with what i say , it's a forum.

However, i prefer free sparring with a shinai, protective equipement and restricted rules than going nhb against the air with a shinken. Different tastes, no problem.

In any case i wasn´t taking away tecniques, i was pointing to the existence of techniques which can be used both in free sparring /spontaneous training with educational purposes and (with luck and the other variables) to protect ourselves, or our loved ones, without excessive damage for the hypothetical attacker.

BTW, you can have a longsword, but aikiotoshi the bad guy:

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