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Re: Brawling with a friend

a little more background on why we "fought", just to clear up some issues.

even though i've just begun, i feel like i'm used to the conditioning that a controlled environment (such as a dojo) has given me. i know how we're going to begin: warmup. i know the sequence of the warmup before it begins. i know which uke's i will work with. i know i will never see a kick today. etc etc etc.

so training with a karateka is a fresh experience. my trainer at the gym tells me to mix up my workout regime all the time: when the muscles get used to the same workout, they stop improving.

similarly, if you looked at my original post, i would have never had these thoughts, or posted here and had a discussion, if i trained with an aikidoka that night. he bear hugged me. he tried to kick me. he didn't give me time to connect. i still prefer the dojo for a million +1 reasons, but that night, i needed a different kind of learning experience.

does that make any sense?
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