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Re: Brawling with a friend

I am restraining myself from being totally honest in my opinion...but, If you do not train for life , you lead a false, when you practice with whomever it is, remember that if they allow you to do whatever you want/ are not doing Aikido, you are performing as if in a play...or forbid, PROFESSIONAL, this will evoke some responses, but, if you do not have 10 years of diligent practice under your belt, please do not embarrass yourself with a "MY SENSEI SAID" reply...if you do not put your skills to the test...sign up for "DOJO BALLERINA 101" ...
does anyone else get tired of hearing " AIKIDO IS NON-CONFRONTATIONAL" or " AIKIDO IS NOT COMPETITIVE " is a diluted form of combat...a contemporary form of budo...please, train as if it would be the final time before you face an unknown your partners not to rob you of the ability to defend yourself if needed....yet, compassionate enough to realize when you have to no longer defend yourself and have not become the aggressor....
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