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Re: Poll: Does aikido contain any physical principles not present in any other budo?

I just visited a siminar last weekend.
We did not perform a lot of techniques but were told (again) about aikdo principles
Some like "stay protected", "move calmly", "do not try to survive, but just do the best you can, as you know, you must die", "keep your body straight ", "keep your mind in the hara", and a lot more.

At the end sensei said: "I did not give them numbers, because in fact they are all the same and one principle 'kokyu'."

Now if kokyu is the only principle of aikido, it is the principle of most budo segments. If kokyu is not the principle of a martial art, it is not budo.

In short words: my answer is no.

I usually don't like joining the majority, but if they are right, I have no choice

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