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Erick Mead wrote:
You seem to see O-Sensei's techniques as the territory in need of interpretive guidance - you seek the map, the schematic to his techniques according to some interpretive rubric, narrower than the body of techniques themselves. I and others I have known, see the territory at issue as something far greater, and O-Sensei's techniques as the schematic -- the map calling us to explore it, and guiding us along our way.
Mr. Pagnucco (thank you, Mr. Pagnucco) says very succinctly below what I would have probably taken more space to say in answer to the above. Thanks for the time and careful explication Mr. Mead. I still don't agree with you, but you put things with admirable clarity. Am enjoying the exchange.
Nicholas Pagnucco wrote:
O-sensei's technique is social practice, and while it could be seen as a map, it need not automatically be seen that way, let alone what the map is specifically a representation of, or what it 'calls' us to do.

Don J. Modesto
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