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Re: Difference between Yoshinkan and Aikikai

It is possible to study from the Aikikai books and program and convert the techniques to the Yoshinkan version. I do just the opposite. The main difference that I notice on my Yoshinkan DVDs are that Yoshinkan tends to move in and "X". A quick example: Tenchinage: I was taught to get off the line then walk straight as I throw uke backwards {if uke is not totally off balance then turn your hips away from uke}, however, I notice the Yoshinkan gets off the line then walks diagonally behind uke throwing him backwards. I've noticed a hip atemi being applied to uke from various techniques due to this "X" movement.

The nikkyo ura version that Aikikai does works great when uke is empty handed but you wouldn't want to do this if he had a knife in his hand, instead, you would have to switch to the Yoshinkan version.
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