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Re: Spirituality

Ted Ehara wrote:
If you consider ki development as defined by the Ki Society as a spiritual practice, then that would fit your requirements. Ki development lessons are given with aikido classes or separately. There are separate ranks for ki development and a student is not able to achieve aikido rank until they reach a specific ki development rank.
...Personally i don't consider what you do as being spiritual, but how you do it. One person can spend their day water skiing and another can water ski while meditating all day.
Thank you for educating me about Ki Society. I am not qualified to judge whether Ki development is spiritual or not. But it is something that you can use as an example of a spiritual practice in Aikido. But for us Aikikai folks our training is mostly waza. Any meditation and readings are done outside the context of an official class (at most dojos). What I was questioning is the accepted "fact" that Aikido itself is a spiritual practice that is different from other styles or activities. I completely agree with you that it isn't What but How it is done.

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